4 Easy Party Tips

April 27, 2017


Use these 4  tips to make your next party more fun, memorable, and exciting without breaking the bank or wasting a lot of time!

Music - Create a fool proof playlist by asking each guest to email 3 or 4 of  their favorite songs to you in advance.


Food - Stick to a basic food like pizza, tacos, or hot dogs and then go crazy with options for customization. Setup various grilled veggies, salsas, and condiments so that your guests can satisfy their own desires.

Decorations - Before hitting Party City visit your local dollar store for very inexpensive decorations or make your own with a few well placed balloons.


Entertainment - Plan a scavenger hunt to find puzzle pieces around the house then put the puzzle together as a group. You should probably make a note of where you hide all of the pieces :-)


Favors - Send guests home with goodies that inspire creativity and excitement like card games, jacks, or a KakeMi 90 Second Cake!