October Cheer Challenge

October is in spectacular form! Children and college students are back in school, football season is in action, and pumpkin spice flavored treats are taking over. And though the cooler weather is creeping in there is a lot to be thankful for and even more to build memories around.

This October, work on building stronger relationships with friends, family members, co-workers, and clients in a way that is simple, genuine, and sure to encourage sweet memories. Look for small ways to show you care because it’s the little moments that create lasting impressions.

Ways to Spread Cheer in October

  1. Welcome a new co-worker to the team.

  2. Send encouragement to a college freshman.

  3. Thank someone for helping you move.

  4. Congratulate someone on a promotion.

  5. Wish a long distance friend ‘Happy Birthday’

  6. Acknowledge your neighbors for being so great.

  7. Give recognition to team members who go above and beyond.

  8. Show appreciation to everyone who joins your fantasy football team.

  9. Apologize for missing a friend’s party.

  10. Remind an overworked friend that they deserve a break.

During this month we encourage you to spread cheer by choosing and executing a few or all of the actions from the October Cheer Challenge list. You can choose the best way to execute any of the actions depending on your budget and proximity to the recipient.

A phone call, text, or email is a simple and inexpensive gesture that goes a long way in helping others feel cherished. A handwritten note is also inexpensive but takes a little forethought while adding a lot of warmth through its personalization. And lastly, a small gift or kind gesture can really brighten a person’s day whether it involves an expense or not. Some of our favorites are homemade treats, DIY crafts, surprise lunches, potted plants, and KakeMi 90 Second Cake Care Packages.

Whichever option(s) you choose make sure your words and actions are shared with love and are coming from the heart. As a fun bonus consider sharing this month’s challenge with your children, spouse, or friends to multiply the cheer!

Baking a cake is a beautiful and tasty past time that not everyone has the time or resources to accomplish. KakeMi 90 Second Cake baking kits take all the stress of baking and just leave the fun parts! Our baking kits are perfect for birthday parties, classroom treats, after school snacks, late-night desserts, party favors, thank you gifts, and so much more. Our baking kits are sure to delight novice and advanced bakers with their fun and tasty results.

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