5 Easy Summer Fundraisers

Though the school year is ending, it doesn’t mean that your fundraising efforts should also. The summer months are the perfect time to get a head start on raising funds for the upcoming year without stress or unnecessary rushing. Consider working with your staff and parents to implement one or all of these endeavors before the heat kicks in.

Host A Summer Fun Run/Walk Essentially you can organize a 5K any time of year; however, the warmer weather will increase race attendance. Choose a date, create flyers, and reach out to local gyms and fitness centers for sponsorship and advertising. Consider using your school’s sports team to lead the race. Ask neighbors, friends, and family members to pay a registration fee to participate in the race or raise a certain amount for free race registration. Be sure to start your race early in the morning to avoid the heat. Ask student, teacher, and parent volunteers to hand out water, ice, and popsicles to keep everyone fresh throughout the race.

Set Up A Booth At A Farmers Market Contact local farmers markets for the opportunity to set up a booth at one or more of their events. Farmers markets attract a lot of community members and therefore are an excellent way for your school to gain exposure. Raise money at your booth by selling raffle tickets for donated gift baskets, selling school paraphernalia, or simply collecting donations.

Throw A Movie Night Movies are a great way to promote family fun while collecting a few dollars. Movie nights can be hosted outside in the park, inside your school gymnasium, or in collaboration with a local business. Choose a family-friendly movie and sell movie tickets around your community. Consider offering a discount for families that have multiple children. Sell popcorn, soda, candy, hot dogs, and small desserts during the movie to add to the theater experience.

Hold A Classic Car Wash You can’t create a summer fundraising list without putting the good old-fashioned car wash on it. Start with choosing a team of volunteers that are committed to washing cars or ask a local car wash to let your squad collaborate for donations. Advertise your event ahead of time on social media, but also pass out flyers the day of at local supermarkets, shopping centers, or just along the road.

Organize A Flea Market One person’s trash may be another’s treasure. Invite teachers, parents, and community members to rent a table space in the school auditorium to sell their gently used items. Create a list of things that you’d like participants to bring and ask that they only bring gently used items. Highlight in your advertising that there will be children’s books, games, and clothing to promote more community involvement.

Bonus: No-Bake Cakes For The Summer Heat When the hot weather strikes, it gets harder for families to spend time in the kitchen. Consider selling KakeMi 90 Second Cakes as a way to promote family baking and bonding without the mess or stress. Mail or email advertisement brochures to parents and school affiliates and have them use a unique code when ordering online. A percentage of every sale that used the code will be given to your school, and the products will be mailed directly to the customer.

For more ideas read through this list of 25 creative summer fundraising ideas. https://www.classy.org/blog/creative-summer-fundraising-ideas/

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