9 Ways to Decorate Cake Pops

Though cake pops are fairly easy to make they sometimes need a little something extra to set them apart. The following is a list of 9 easy toppings that instantly give your cake pops a super fun and gourmet look without extra work. Once you’ve rolled, cooled, and dipped your pops the fun begins.

*These toppings are also great for covering irregular cake pops so that no one can see the cracks, bubbles, discolorations, or misshapen spheres that sometimes occur.

  1. Confetti sprinkles are paper thin round candy pieces that remind you of real party confetti. They come in multiple color themes and give an slightly more sophisticated look when compared to traditional sprinkles. Simply sprinkle a few over your candy coated cake pops before they harden.

  2. Crushed nuts like peanuts, macadamia nuts, and walnuts pair perfectly with a lot of cake pop flavors. The nuts become more than a beautiful decoration by extending the flavor profile. Sprinkle them over your candy coated cake pops before they harden. Check out this wonderful pumpkin cake pop recipe by Food Network.

  3. Nonpareils add a wonderful crunch to cake pops. Experiment rolling the entire candy coated cake pop in the nonpareils or just half for a modern look. See Hungry Happenings for a tutorial.

  4. Dragees (pronounced drah-jays) are the edible pearls are often found on wedding cakes. These beautiful decorations add instant glamour and sparkle to cake pops. Sprinkle them over your candy coated cake pops before they harden.

  5. Jimmies are an easy and classic choice if you don’t have time to order specialty sprinkles. They really add a festive flare that should not be overlooked. Roll the entire candy coated cake pop in the jimmies or just sprinkle a couple on top.

  6. Crushed hard candies like peppermints and jolly ranchers are unexpected and add a touch of nostalgia. Crush the candies in a sandwich bag with a hammer and then sprinkle over the candy coated pop. See a full tutorial on peppermint cake pops on Sweet and Spicy Monkey.

  7. Cotton candy is a super fun and whimsical decoration. Gently apply pieces of store bought cotton candy to your already coated cake pops. Be careful not to bunch up the cotton candy so that it keeps its fluffy appearance. See tutorial at Heavenly Cake Pops.

  8. Cookie crumbs are the perfect topping if you have extra cookies lying around. Place the naked cookies into a sandwich bag and smash into crumbs with a rolling pin. Try these Oreo cake pops by The Dessert Chronicles.

  9. Edible flowers are a sweet and very impressive cake pop decoration. Choose organic roses, dandelions, or to turn your pops into a safe and lovely garden. See a full tutorial from the Pint Sized Baker.

If you want to make a few cake pops without baking an entire cake try our 90 Second Cake. It bakes in 90 seconds, requires no clean up, and makes enough cake for 5 to 8 cake pops.

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