Baking In The Classroom

Easy Baking in the Classroom

As a former teacher I have the distinct advantage of knowing how important extracurricular activities are to a student’s development and how tight budgets can hinder them. In response, I’ve created a product that supports life skill exploration and learning in the classroom at a great price.

I created the 90 Second Cake as a way to enjoy cake without having to gather a bunch of ingredients, turning on my oven, or cleaning up a big mess afterwards. Each 90 Second Cake kit includes cake mix, icing, and sprinkles in a 4 inch baking container. The resulting dessert is a delicious homemade cake from your microwave in 90 seconds. It's the perfect activity and treat for children and busy adults who want to bake without the mess or the stress!

Hands on Learning Through Baking

The 90 Second Cake provides students the fun and educational experience of making a cake while they learn age appropriate lessons. Younger students are able to practice fine motor skills, improve bilateral coordination, and learn practical life skills without any risks of burns. Slightly older students are able to explore the science of baking and practice life skills without a full kitchen.

It’s Truly a Piece of Cake!

If you are interested in learning more about KakeMi 90 Second Cakes, how to bake cakes in the classroom, and discounted classroom pricing please email Marian at

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