Cake Quiz: What Your Favorite Cake Says About You

Take any or all of these cake quizzes to find out what your cake choices say about you.

According to my tastes I’m 32,the genie from Aladdin should be my wedding officiant, if I played an instrument it would be the flute, and I know enough about cakes to be able to eat as many as I want!

Tiger Beat will guess your age depending on the sweets you love.

This Disney quiz will tell you which Disney character should be the officiant at your wedding.

Pick a cake and Classic FM will tell you which instrument you play or should play.

And by answering a series of cake trivia BuzzFeed will make the definitive decisions on whether or not you should be eating cake.

If all the pictures of cake made your mouth salivate try making your own cake in the microwave with a 90 Second Cake. And don’t forget to share your quiz results.

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