How to Throw a Cake Decorating Party

Throwing an awesome cake decorating party should be a piece of cake (wink). If you have a little girl or boy who wants to explore the fun and creative art of cake decorating with their friends then look no further. We've complied a few tips and tricks for throwing the perfect cake decorating party without a bunch of stress or mess.

Make or Decorate

First decide whether you would like the guests to make their own cakes or only decorate the cakes. Both options are fun, but lead to different time and setup requirements. Making individual cakes or cupcakes as a group is the most time consuming but gives children more experience in the kitchen. Previously baking or buying the confections saves party time, but adds on to setup time and costs. Another option is to allow guests to make their own individual cakes in the microwave with a product like the KakeMi 90 Second Cake.

Table Setup

Decorating cakes can get a little messy. Therefore, it is a good idea to prep surfaces with plastic table clothes. Also, consider buying hair nets and aprons to add to the allure of being a baker for the day.

Decorating Supplies

Collect the following supplies for the kids to turn their cakes into masterpieces.

  • White Frosting

  • Food dye to color frosting

  • Sprinkles, gum balls, cookies, candies, etc.

  • Cupcake decorating bags w/ tips*

*If you don't know how to use a piping bag watch some YouTube videos or check out these Little Oodle Doodles that combine the bag with the tip for a mess free design.

Let the Party Begin

Once the cakes are prepped, the table is set, and the supplies are on deck, choose a theme for the bakers to copy or let their imagination go wild. Stay tuned for a related post on cake decorating party ideas.

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