Indoor Planting with Kids

Spring is in full swing. Therefore it's the perfect season to plant something!

Parents that garden with their children introduce a sense of purpose and responsibility to their lives. Children that connect with nature through planting can have improved moods, decreased anxiety, and better educational experiences.

If you are fortunate enough to have a personal or community garden then get outside and start digging. However, if your space is limited you may want to start by building an indoor garden.

Here are some good indoor plants to grow with your little ones this season: Tomatoes - Tomatoes are one of the easiest plants to grow, especially for beginners. They do need plenty of warmth and light, so either stick these next to a window or get a UV grow light. Peppers - Like tomatoes, peppers are good beginner vegetables. Herbs - Herbs are grown in kitchen windowsills everywhere. Just about any herb you can think of, from basil to cilantro to ginger, can be grown indoors.

Carrots - With a deep container, lots of light, and moist soil, carrots are another yummy and easy indoor vegetable. Mushrooms - They grow all over your yard, why not in your home? Mushrooms are super easy to grow, and your local garden supply will likely have kits to make it even easier. Micro-greens - You can use the seeds from just about any and every vegetable and “sprout” them. Sprouting is an easy and super healthy way to get tons of vitamins and nutrients. Green onions and garlic - Green onions and garlic alike are easy to grow indoors and need very little tending.

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