Make Your College Student the Best Care Package Ever!

Every college student has a laundry list of things to do during the semester. Their schedules quickly get filled with approaching deadlines, organizations, clubs, family responsibilities and social life. Help put your shining star at ease and remind them that they are making you proud!

KakeMi makes it easy with this quick easy guide of college life essentials:

  1. Personalize your package- There is nothing like opening your mail to a thoughtful note and old baby photo. You might even send that horrible yet super cute picture they drew for you at the age of four :) Get creative! You can put a magnet from the fridge, a flower or leaf from the back yard, or something of yours your kid would love to borrow while away... like a piece of costume jewelry or a special pen. *Tip: send stamps and blank cards, they’ll get the hint to write you back!

  2. The kitchen cupboard- Of course the #1 treat your going to pack in there is something to make them smile and satisfy their sweet tooth… KakeMi 90 Second Cakes will do the trick! With only a microwave to use, students have to make it count! Make sure to pack extra KakeMi cakes for their room-mate too! Consider other snacks, like granola bars, trail mix, microwave popcorn and coffee/ hot chocolate mix. Don't forget more substantial mini-meals that will get them through tough times—such as instant oatmeal, mac & cheese cups, ramen noodles and soup—for rushed mornings and missed dining hall dinners. Mints and gum are always welcome in a care package too!

  1. Cold-care kit- With crowded classrooms and jam-packed dorms, the spread of colds and flu is nearly inevitable on campus. Send along tissue pocket packs, cold medicine, tylenol, herbal tea, multivitamins and cough drops in a care package to help prevent and/ or soothe any sickness.

  2. Drug Store dream- Personal hygiene essentials tend to be the first thing to run out; and always when it’s least convenient. They'll appreciate basics in a care package like toothpaste, lotion, body wash, contact lens solution, specialty toiletries and shampoo. Laundry detergent fling-ins are a great alternative to the heavy bottle of traditional detergent.

  3. The gift that keeps on giving- For anything else you might forget… and miscellaneous things that come up, a gift card usually does the trick! There’s surely a Target or Walmart close by. Load a few bucks on a gift card and you’ll avoid those random calls for deposit requests! :)

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