9 Activities For Your Child's Birthday Party

For any children's birthday party to be successful, you have to have the right kind of entertainment planned. When going DIY on the birthday party you're planning, you have to spend some time thinking what kinds of entertainment and activities you will have. We’ve put together some of our favorite game suggestions.

Just add a little creativity and you can successfully pull off a rocking children's party. The games suggested here work for almost any kids' party - not just birthdays. Why, they can even be fun for child-like adults!

Hit the Pinata

It's easy to make a pinata. You just need a paper grocery bag filled with all sorts of goodies and little toys and decorate it with colorful paper and stickers. Remember, not all pinata goodies need to be edible. You can put in little toys and stickers, and other party favors, as well. Hang the pinata from a hook and all the children turns hitting the pinata with a stick until it breaks. Make sure that there is an adult who will supervise this activity so that no one gets hurt.

Fruit Basket

Form a circle with chairs. The chairs should be one less than the number of players. The birthday child stands in the middle of the circle and says,"I really like… (a song, movie, hobby, or game)" and every child who likes the same thing stands up and finds another chair to sit on. One child will have no chair to sit on and will move to the center of the circle. This person will again say," I really like…" And this will be repeated until you wish to end the game.

Tug Of Water

This game can only be done if you have a sprinkler. Set on the sprinkler in your yard or lawn. Divide the children into two groups. Each group should hold on an end of a garden hose. As soon as a non-player says, "Go!" each group starts to pull on the rope with the objective of leading or pulling the opposing team into the sprinkler. The team that gets wet loses and the team that stays dry wins.


When the music starts playing the children starts dancing and moving to the beat. They dance until the music is stopped then they should freeze even though they are in a difficult position. Whoever is caught moving is out of the game.

Treasure or Scavenger Hunt

Children live for wonder and new discoveries. Why not set up a treasure hunt that would test their analytical and motor skills? Some ideas include hiding goodie bags and handing out pieces of paper containing clues on how to find the bags. Draw a map to the "treasure". Or you can do an Easter egg hunt type of hunt. Hide pieces of the same object all over the yard and let the children look for them.

Pin the X on the X

This game is a staple of children's birthday parties. This can be pin the tail on the donkey, pin the hat on the sailor, pin the earrings on the queen, or whatever. You can be creative with this portion. These are pin the tail games readily available at party supplies shops, but you can also make these yourself for a more personal touch. Get a piece of poster paper and draw on it, depending on your child's preference. You can even ask your kid to draw on it prior to the party.

Bring Me

This game is not just for the kids but also for the adults present at the party. The host gathers the children to one area, divides them into teams, and tells them to bring him or her random things [like something red, a paper cup, something older than you, something soft, etc]. Adults get to participate because they'll most likely be the ones supplying the 'bring me' items.


One party game raved about by young and old guests alike is Charades. For your young guests, you can have participants guess animals and objects by having one of them act out what the animals do, while the rest try to guess what animals they are.

Decorate a cake

Let the little baker in each guest come alive! Give each child a KakeMi 90 Second Cake kit and watch as they make their very own easy and delicious cake in only 90 seconds. All you need is a microwave and additional decorations if necessary.

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