9 Activities For Your Child's Birthday Party

August 16, 2017

For any children's birthday party to be successful, you have to have the right kind of entertainment planned. When going DIY on the birthday party you're planning, you have to spend some time thinking what kinds of entertainment and activities you will have. We’ve put together some of our favorite game suggestions.


Just add a little creativity and you can successfully pull off a rocking children's party. The games suggested here work for almost any kids' party - not just birthdays. Why, they can even be fun for child-like adults!



Hit the Pinata

It's easy to make a pinata. You just need a paper grocery bag filled with all sorts of goodies and little toys and decorate it with colorful paper and stickers. Remember, not all pinata goodies need to be edible. You can put in little toys and stickers, and other party favors, as well. Hang the pinata from a hook and all the children turns hitting the pinata with a stick until it breaks. Make sure that there is an adult who will supervise this activity so that no one gets hurt.


Fruit Basket

Form a circle with chairs. The chairs should be one less than the number of players. The birthday child stands in the middle of the circle and says,"I really like… (a song, movie, hobby, or game)" and every child who likes the same thing stands up and finds another chair to sit on. One child will have no chair to sit on and will move to the center of the circle. This person will again say," I really like…" And this will be repeated until you wish to end the game.


Tug Of W