Save More Money in 90 Seconds or Less

Reducing your expenses is the quickest way to save money, invest in your future, and make sweet memories for your family. Check out these 3 sites that I use to help me save money on purchasing things that I was planning to buy anyway.

All of these sites are free and require very little extra effort on your part. I use them or check them multiple times a week, so hopefully you’ll find them useful!


My number one recommendation is Ebates. If you shop online once a month or once a day you should check their site out. For every purchase you make they will give you a percentage back in cash! It’s like having your own personal sale at every online store you visit. Another bonus is that there is no minimum redemption amount, and they’ll mail you your check automatically. I’ve received over $300 since joining.

Check out some of the participating stores here:


If you don’t shop online a lot you may want to consider Ibotta. You can down their app or visit their website to view all of the deals they have in place. All you have to do if check off the deals you want, purchase the items in store, and then upload the receipts. If you are the primary grocery purchasers in your family then you may want to check Ibotta out.

They even have discounts on alcohol! See these deals and more at:


Last but not least is my go to site for saving on random things. Hip2Save is a blog run by a very cool mom named Collin. She and her team curate a selection of the best online deals daily. I started visiting this site because she is a master couponer; however, she also provides info on other things. I’ve gotten presents, homegoods, food, and many things.

Take a look at some of today’s offers here:

Go forth and save!

Leave a comment if there are other sites that you use to save money.

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