Best Ways to Prepare for Your Kickstarter

The allure of raising thousands of dollars via a crowdfunding site can be really attractive. However, the work required to reach the project's goal is not as sexy. Running a Kickstarter campaign requires a plan, organization, and consistency. People spend months writing a business plan before launching a business; therefore, consider spending weeks preparing for the launch of your Kickstarter project in the same way.

Below are a list of the 10 best ways to prepare for your Kickstarter.

  1. Build an email list of supporters (I had 600, but I’d recommend having more)

  2. Create a team of people who will support you throughout the process and help drive pledges

  3. Read the Kickstarter Creator Handbook (it’s free

  4. Get feedback on your reward levels and project details before you officially launch.

  5. Support other Kickstarter campaigns so that you get a feel of how the process works

  6. Create a list of people you will personally ask for pledges prior to the start of the campaign

  7. Create a clear budget of how much you will spend on fulfilling rewards (don’t forget shipping)

  8. Talk to people who have run Kickstarter campaigns and get their best practices.

  9. Watch YouTube videos and attend events focused on crowdfunding ( is a great tool for this)

  10. Don’t rush the launch of your campaign! Take the time to prepare properly.

I hope you found these practices to be helpful. Please comment below if you have any questions or would like to add any other tips.

Also, check out the KakeMi 90 Second Cake Kickstarter campaign here:

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