5 Easy Summer Fundraisers

Though the school year is ending, it doesn’t mean that your fundraising efforts should also. The summer months are the perfect time to get a head start on raising funds for the upcoming year without stress or unnecessary rushing. Consider working with your staff and parents to implement one or all of these endeavors before the heat kicks in. Host A Summer Fun Run/Walk Essentially you can organize a 5K any time of year; however, the warmer weather will increase race attendance. Choose a date, create flyers, and reach out to local gyms and fitness centers for sponsorship and advertising. Consider using your school’s sports team to lead the race. Ask neighbors, friends, and family members to p

9 Ways to Decorate Cake Pops

Though cake pops are fairly easy to make they sometimes need a little something extra to set them apart. The following is a list of 9 easy toppings that instantly give your cake pops a super fun and gourmet look without extra work. Once you’ve rolled, cooled, and dipped your pops the fun begins. *These toppings are also great for covering irregular cake pops so that no one can see the cracks, bubbles, discolorations, or misshapen spheres that sometimes occur. Confetti sprinkles are paper thin round candy pieces that remind you of real party confetti. They come in multiple color themes and give an slightly more sophisticated look when compared to traditional sprinkles. Simply sprinkle a few o

Baking In The Classroom

Easy Baking in the Classroom As a former teacher I have the distinct advantage of knowing how important extracurricular activities are to a student’s development and how tight budgets can hinder them. In response, I’ve created a product that supports life skill exploration and learning in the classroom at a great price. I created the 90 Second Cake as a way to enjoy cake without having to gather a bunch of ingredients, turning on my oven, or cleaning up a big mess afterwards. Each 90 Second Cake kit includes cake mix, icing, and sprinkles in a 4 inch baking container. The resulting dessert is a delicious homemade cake from your microwave in 90 seconds. It's the perfect activity and treat for

The Perfect Wine To Pair With Cake

Move over cake and ice cream there’s a new dynamic duo in town! Cake paired with the perfect glass of wine is a match made for late nights, romantic dinners, and indulging your senses. When chosen correctly, cake and wine bring out the best in each other which brings out the best in you. Check out nine of the most delicious wine and cake pairings that are definitely worth celebrating. Yellow Birthday Cake with Chocolate Icing and Bordeaux The combination of earthy aromas and berry flavors of Bordeaux contrast the intensely chocolate frosting and crumbly yellow cake Lemon-Flavored Cake and Prosecco Similar to lemon cake, Prosecco is light. The delicate flavors of orange and citrus plus the bu

KakeMi Communication Audit

On April 17th a team of nine Wharton undergrad students presented their suggestions on how KakeMi could best improve its communication methods. Some of the biggest takeaways were: The website should be updated to better incorporate value proposition. Current customers are primarily buying 90 Second Cakes as a trial which isn't conducive to customer retention. Product packaging sends an unclear message You can watch the entire conversation here. The KakeMi presentation starts at 26 minutes. Do you agree with their findings? Are there other questions you would have asked the team? Please leave a comment below.


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