Cake Quiz: What Your Favorite Cake Says About You

Take any or all of these cake quizzes to find out what your cake choices say about you. According to my tastes I’m 32,the genie from Aladdin should be my wedding officiant, if I played an instrument it would be the flute, and I know enough about cakes to be able to eat as many as I want! Tiger Beat will guess your age depending on the sweets you love. This Disney quiz will tell you which Disney character should be the officiant at your wedding. Pick a cake and Classic FM will tell you which instrument you p

How to Throw a Cake Decorating Party

Throwing an awesome cake decorating party should be a piece of cake (wink). If you have a little girl or boy who wants to explore the fun and creative art of cake decorating with their friends then look no further. We've complied a few tips and tricks for throwing the perfect cake decorating party without a bunch of stress or mess. Make or Decorate First decide whether you would like the guests to make their own cakes or only decorate the cakes. Both options are fun, but lead to different time and setup requirements. Making individual cakes or cupcakes as a group is the most time consuming but gives children more experience in the kitchen. Previously baking or buying the confections saves p

Indoor Planting with Kids

Spring is in full swing. Therefore it's the perfect season to plant something! Parents that garden with their children introduce a sense of purpose and responsibility to their lives. Children that connect with nature through planting can have improved moods, decreased anxiety, and better educational experiences. If you are fortunate enough to have a personal or community garden then get outside and start digging. However, if your space is limited you may want to start by building an indoor garden. Here are some good indoor plants to grow with your little ones this season: Tomatoes - Tomatoes are one of the easiest plants to grow, especially for beginners. They do need plenty of warmth and

Simply Strawberry 90 Second Cake

Look no further if you'd like to enjoy a sweet and satisfying easy-to-make cake. This cake tastes too good for anyone to believe that it came from the microwave. Yes! A moist and delicious microwavable cake that was made in just under two minutes. Hence the name... 90 Second Cake (clever). In this week's recipe, we took the basic Vanilla 90 Second Cake and added homemade strawberry jam and fresh cut strawberries. Our taste buds went crazy! And your taste buds will definitely thank you. Say goodbye to mug cake recipes that never turn out right or big box store mug cake packets that require you to provide your own dishes, icing, and sprinkles. Make sweet memories with your family and friends b

Feed the Beast Episode Interview with KakeMi

Listen to host, Chelsey Lowe, interview Marian Dossou, the founder of KakeMi Cakes, the 90 Second Cake. They will discuss Marian's journey into entrepreneurship and her successes and struggles. Feed the Beast airs every Wednesday on all of your favorite podcast platforms. The show takes a deeper look into Philadelphia's growing food entrepreneurship scene by interviewing leaders and minority food entrepreneurs. Tune in to hear about the unique and delicious foods you already love and learn more about some new ones. Google Play Apple Podcasts


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