Step by Step Cake Pops

Do you have a taste for cake pops? But don't want to make an entire cake to start the process? Look no further than the KakeMi 90 Second Cake. Every 90 Second Cake kit includes everything needed to make a 4 inch cake in 90 seconds from your microwave! From there, make 5 or 6 cake pops that will satisfy your taste buds in a fraction of the time. Bake cake as instructed on package. Let cool. Break cake into crumbs and mix with entire pack of included icing. Shape cake and icing mixture into 6 balls. Melt Candy Melts according to pack Dip sticks into Candy Melts and then into cake balls. Refrigerate for an hour. Dip cold cake pops into melted Candy Melts. Decorate cake pops with included sprin

90 Second Gift Guide

A KakeMi 90 Second Cake is a unique, fun, and delicious gift for almost everyone on your gift list (including yourself). Stocking Stuffer Great for: Friends, Family, Loved Ones... A sweet treat and activity all wrapped in one! Co-Workers Receptionists, Mail Clerks, Interns... Gift a unique and fun product without breaking the bank. Bonus: The office kitchen will smell wonderful! Teachers Professors, Yoga Instructors... Help them relax and indulge during the break. Mail Persons Garbage Persons, Property Maintenance Workers... Show your appreciation and gratitude without baking dozens of cookies . Doctors Dentists, Nurses, Massage Therapists... Send a small thank you to your care team tha

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Christmas falls on the same day every year, yet many of us still run around looking for presents at the last minute. Calm your nerves and give great gifts with these simple yet sweet ideas. Specialty Teas and Coffees - For connoisseurs and novices who start the day with a hot drink or sip during cozy winter nights 90 Second Cakes - For dessert lovers, kids, and co-workers who want a fun activity & sweet treat but don't have the time to bake a full cake Potted Flowers and Plants - For green thumbs and lovers of the outdoors Candles - For those who like to add a sensory experience to their home or work setting Assorted Cookies - For families and groups of people to enjoy together. They can be

Healthier Eating for the Entire Family

Healthier eating should be a journey not a destination. Therefore, as you plan your meals for the week consider these tips. Eat more fruits Include a green vegetable with every meal Don't skip meals Limit your intake of fats Eat less carbs Don't forget to reward yourself


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