The Cool History of Ice Cream

Whether you like vanilla, chocolate chip, butter pecan, or rocky road. Learn a few fun facts about cake's best friend... Ice Cream!

6 Fun Ideas to Raise Money for Charity

If your team or group is looking for unique and fun ways to raise money for a special cause or charity check out these ideas! Throw a cook off Host a nearly new sale Organize a scavenger hunt Dance it out with a house party Sell KakeMi 90 Second Cakes Highlight local stars with a talent show

What Do Your Favorite Colors Say About You?

Are you drawn to certain colors? If so, take a moment to see what those colors represent. Then decide if you want to incorporate more of that color into your routine or try some other colors. Red is activating, stimulating, passionate, and powerful. Orange is balanced, vibrant, energetic, friendly, and inviting. Yellow is happy, warm, stimulating, and expansive. Green is calming, balancing, and rejuvenating. Blue represents dependability, trustworthiness, and security. Purple represents nobility, abundance, and dignity.


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