How To Combat Cabin Fever

When the weather is bad or especially cold, kids can get a bit restless staying indoors all day. Here are some ideas to help keep your kids happy and prevent cabin fever this winter. DIY Music Jam Sessions Most children love music, and you can keep them happy by letting them make their own. Spend a craft day helping them make their own instruments out of cardboard, old pots, and other items around the house. Then set up a whole band to play along to your children's favorite tunes, or let them jam out on their own. Fantasy Pretend Time Whether it's playing house, doctor, or school, kids love to pretend. Help them use their imaginations by setting up an area to look like a zoo, spaceship, o

Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Sometimes it seems like springtime and summertime birthdays have it all. Outdoor picnics, pool parties, and lakeside fun make for some of the best birthday parties. However, wintertime is the perfect opportunity to make use of simple solutions for extra fun birthday parties indoors. With a bit of creativity, you can throw the best parties without breaking the bank. Snowflake craft party - Especially during the winter when snow is falling, a fun craft idea is to make snowflakes. Decorating is simple with tiny snowflakes that you cut yourself and hang from walls or the ceiling. Make a simple sheet cake with some white frosting and draw on snowflakes with colored frosting. For a fun group activ

Throw the Best Potluck Party

When you're stuck indoors and backyard barbecues just aren't possible, entertaining people might seem like a chore. However, potluck parties take the guesswork out of your entertaining woes, and are a great solution to wintertime get-togethers. Potluck parties are some of the most fun entertaining ideas around for these three reasons:. They are a great way to get all of your friends together. They are the perfect opportunity to try out fun new recipes as well as get creative in the kitchen. Since there are so many dishes, there will be options for even the pickiest eaters. Use the following tips to plan the easiest potluck party ever! Send out an email, Eventbrite, or Facebook invite telling


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